2010 Points
points are posted apx one week after each show
In order to ensure that your points are recorded correctly, it is ESENTIAL that you wear the correct number at each show. You must have a different back number for each horse that you ride. For your convenience, your Name and Horse are recorded on the back of your number
Points are not offical until they have been reviewed by the Points Secretary.  It is possible the offical points will differ from what was announced at the show.  Changes to Grand and Reserve will be notified by email.  Points may be withheld if money is due or if the exhibitor is found to be ineligable for the class.  if you have any question, please email points@cjha.org
2009 Points
YTD Points
2011 Points
CJHA Members accumulate points at each show towards year end awards. In order to qualify for a year end award, the entry must compete in at least three shows in the same division

Points are awarded in each class (except Dreesage) as follows.:
Spliting - If the number of entires in a division is large (>18 at the minimum), the judge MAY choose to "split" the division. If a divison is to be split it will be annoucned to the competitors prior to the start of the class.
2012 Points
Dressage Points
There is no adjustment for class size. Additional points are NOT awarded for Champion and Reserve. Ties for Champion and Year End awards are broken by the tie breaker class in each divsision (indicated by "!"). NOTE: YTD points do not reflect tie-breaking.
First Place - 10 points
Second Place - 6 points
Third Place - 4 points
Fourth Place - 3 points
Fifth Place - 2 points
Sixth Place - 1 point
2013 Points
TIP Winners
Top Barn
Our Point system has been revised!
The August Show is DOUBLE pointed!
2014 Points
2015 Points